Pizza Box Biographies

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ate Thursday afternoon, last week, I sat at my desk, stumped, as always, by how to make the last day of class meaningful and fun. Friday was the end of the term and I would have to say goodbye to a fabulous group of 7th and 8th graders. Our pizza box biographies were finished, students had completed their presentations, and other than hand back work there wasn't much else to do.
As with many of my better ideas, it wasn't until I was almost out the school door Thursday, that it came to me: Famous Artist BINGO! I rushed back to the classroom, added BINGO to my white board schedule and quickly ran off some bingo cards.
The first question students asked on Friday as they filled their bingo cards with the names of artists we had studied was "what do we win?" A stick of gum- my standard student motivator - was all they needed for the competitive spirit to spread!
To earn the coveted sticky stuff winners had to read back names with correct pronunciation, that in itself led to some good laughs! Then they had to select one artist from the winning row and share with the class a fact or two about art style, life or art work. When students weren't sure, they could "consult a pizza box," a last minute innovation that made the game.
Students were amazingly proud when their box about Wayne Thiebaud or Helen Frankenthaler became the expert source of information that led to another stick of gum flying through the air to a happy winner!
I'm always trying to think of ways that student's art work can have a meaningful purpose once it's finished. This activity turned out to be a really fun way to spend our last class together, revisit the content of the art history unit and take one last look at the incredible art projects students created before they go on display.
I've almost finished adding student photos to the Power Point lessonplan that will be available in May on my website, FunArtLessons.com, so check back and I'll let you know when you can get all the details for the Pizza Box Biography project that resulted in such a fun culminating lesson!
To see more pictures of the pizza boxes go to my Fun Art Gallery.


  1. I too use A LOT of recycled materials in my middle school classroom! I am in the process of collecting local sources for large quantities of 'stuff' for free.
    I can't wait for May and the launching of your website. Thank you for so generously sharing your ideas!
    You are awesome :)

  2. Hi Kris,
    The pizza boxes are finished and up on the hallway display boards. I have gotten more positive comments about this project than any in the past - from teachers, parents, even the custodian and lunch ladies!

  3. Kari, Did you post some pictures of the pizza boxes? Could you send me some pictures if you did not?

  4. Hi Nancy,
    I just posted a link at the end of the pizzabox posting that will take you to the fun art gallery and a few more pics of pizza boxes. You can also check out thumbnails of the whole project at www.funartlessons.com


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